The MLK Fairy Tale Sold to the World

In 2006, I worked with and befriended Martin Luther King's family. So much of the public story, particularly on mainstream television, is pure fiction. Here is a good article on what really happened:

The King family along with James Earl Ray's attorney, attempted for years to get the US government to have a trial based on mountains of evidence and eyewitness testimony. The US government, no matter who was in office, refused. So the King family held a civil trial and proved who killed MLK and why. The full transcript of the civil trial that proved the US government, in collusion with the FBI and Memphis police, killed MLK, can be downloaded at The King Center's web site:

The transcript is mind blowing. King was going to hold a half million person poor people's march on Washington and occupy the National Mall, and he was going to run as Bobby Kennedy's vice presidential running mate in 1968. King was killed in April, 1968, Bobby in June. Then FBI director, J Edgar Hoover, and others in the government were terrified that King might actually overthrow the government, not to mention become vice president. This is how governments have always worked, spinning fantasy to the populace to keep them placated while those in power line the pockets of themselves and their friends or controllers. The lies continue to this day, and the mind controlled populace generally doesn't question as long as they can drive their Humvees and eat their cheeseburgers.

At Coretta Scott King's funeral, Bill Clinton, in front of 10,000 people in attendance, apologized to the King family for the US government's murder of MLK. I was flabbergasted to hear him admit it in public, with CNN and other major news covering it. His admission never made it into the public recordings. Here is the edited version:

Dr. William Pepper (yes, Dr. Pepper) attorney for James Earl Ray, the officially alleged assassin, summarizes what happened here:

— Ken Rohla

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