Cell Phone Myths and Radiation Ratings

Cell phones transmit using microwave radiation, the same microwaves used in microwave ovens, just at much lower intensity. Even so, as reputable scientific studies are showing, cell phones cause cancer and other diseases by interfering with intercellular communication. The brain, nervous system, and cells communicate with electrical signals, sound, and radio frequency, which cell phones, wireless computer networks, cordless phones, and other wireless devices interfere with. Alfred Gilman and Martin Rodbell received the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering that human cells communicate with radio frequency (RF). So when you're putting your cell phone to your head, you are literally microwaving your head. However, cell phones do not emit enough microwave radiation at once to cook food, as in hoax videos going around the internet, such as this one popping popcorn:

If you slow the video down and look closely you can see the popcorn image appear and disappear by video editing.

Likewise, cell phones can't cook an egg, as easily faked here:

In this TV demo, even 100 phones will not cook an egg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL1uu595F3c

However, while cell phones won't cook your brain instantly, they are cooking it slowly over time.


Here are cell phones with the lowest radiation on CNET.com:


and models with the highest radiation output:


-Ken Rohla

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Ken Rohla

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