Mad Scientists Confirm Skies are Being Intentionally Sprayed with Toxic Chemicals

In the documentary videos, What in the World Are They Spraying, and Why in the World are They Spraying?, scientists at a "geo-engineering" conference confirm chemtrails are not simply jet aircraft "contrails" (jet exhaust). What can you do when 10 metric tons of aluminum powder is sprayed over your area (10 to 20 million tons globally each year)? You can't run, and you can't hide from it. How can you get the toxic metals and chemicals out of your body? Internal cleansing with food, herbs, and supplements like zeolites and Miracle Mineral Supplement becomes paramount, and necessary more frequently than in the past. Apparently well-meaning scientists discuss the development of engineering our atmosphere to "protect us" from global warming and radiation caused by pollution, rather than studying a return to natural living and cleaning up our planet naturally. Such insane viewpoints can only come from minds very disconnected from nature and themselves. Check out this picture of the sky in my back yard in Florida, full of dispersed chemtrails.

These are not natural cloud formations. You can see more pics, video, and info on chemtrails and atmospheric engineering at

These atmospheric engineering attempts do not address the root of the problem: explosive force energy production ("fossil fuels" and nuclear) that produce hydrocarbons and other waste that destroy our atmosphere and environment. No amount of sunblocking ultimately will work if the source is not addressed. Solutions like implosive force energy production from water fuel technology (Brown's Gas, HHO, Hydroxy) not only can stop pollution from energy production, but even clean up polluted air and water. With very little input energy, these engines convert polluted water into oxygen and hydrogen gas, which is ignited and implodes back into water, minus the pollution, leaving it behind. The fuel can then be used to "burn" the waste left behind and convert it into nontoxic elements, since the flame has very strange quantum properties that restructure matter at the subatomic level. Even radioactive waste can be made nontoxic and nonradioactive; I have seen it done. Such water fuel technology is available today; just search Google or Youtube for "water fuel," "HHO," "Brown's gas," or "hydroxy". In the early 1990s I worked with HHO inventor Yul Brown, had access to a Brown's gas machine, and confirmed for myself the many amazing properties of this technology. Every motorized vehicle on the planet could be driving around cleaning the air and water rather than polluting it. Others including William A. Rhodes, Andrija Puharich, Stanley Meyer, and more have developed HHO water fuel since the 1960s at least.

Also, cultivated microbes and mushrooms can break down toxins in soil and water, and our bodies. Scalar energy (ultra-high frequency subtle energy that heals) and other nondestructive energies found in nature can be used with superior results for communications, healing living organisms, and replacing the many types of damaging manmade electromagnetic energies. Living organisms use scalar and faster-than-light neutrino energy to communicate instantaneously (as when groups of birds and fish move as one). But for this to prevail, we as a planet must expand our consciousness to these new realities, and the religion of science must awaken to empirical truth rather than dogma, politics, and control.

Why in the World are They Spraying?


What in the World are They Spraying?