Morgellon's Disease Linked to GM Food and Lyme Disease

Morgellon's Disease is a new mystery disease that has cropped up in recent years. Symptoms include lesions on the skin, aches and pains, weakened immune system, monofilament-like fibers growing in tissue throughout the body, itching and sensation of crawling insects on the skin, and more. Evidence is showing it involves a genetically engineered cross between a fungus and a bacteria, known as agrobacterium, that is used in genetically modified crops such as corn, soy, wheat, sugar beats (used in sweeteners), alfalfa, canola (rapeseed), cotton, and creeping bentgrass (grown for animal feed). There is also speculation that Morgellon's may be an engineered silicon-based nanotechnology life form, linked to aerial spraying and chemtrails. Here is a fascinating article by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins citing new evidence of the link between Morgellon's, agrobacterium, and Lyme Disease:

So why should you care, if you don't have Morgellon's? Well first of all, if you're not eating organic food exclusively, you're very likely ingesting one of these GMO foods with agrobacterium. Combine that with the typical American diet of highly acidifying cooked and processed food, amidst copious amounts of sugars in their various forms (sweeteners, breads, grains, pasta, alcohol), and you have a perfect culturing medium in your body for Morgellon's and other pathogens.

Also, in dealing with practitioners and clients here in Florida and elsewhere around the US, it has come to my attention that there is a huge increase in the occurrence of Lyme disease in the general population. From my estimation, I think about 85% of people have various strains of Lyme disease, and most don't even know it. We've been told that Lyme's is contracted by tick bites, but the quiet pandemic I'm seeing simply can't be spread so widely by ticks. New evidence is showing that Lyme Disease can be spread by sexual contact, and through nursing mothers breast milk and umbilical cords, and it does not have to involve the typical bulls-eye rash that comes with a tick-bite infection. In the body, Lyme Disease is caused by spirochetes, a type of bacteria. Bacteria in the body are fed by sugars and thrive in a warm environment. Harmful bacteria are typically anaerobic, that is, they thrive in an oxygen-poor acidic environment. By eating the typical Western diet full of cooked acid food, and sugars of various kinds (sweeteners, breads, grains, pasta, alcohol), pathogens such as Lyme's bacteria, agrobacterium, and such can culture and thrive in the body. Now Lyme Disease has been linked with Morgellon's, so the diet and lifestyle that support it must be avoided.

Fortunately there are two natural protocols for eliminating Lyme Disease and Morgellon's. It involves using Miracle Mineral Supplement (chlorine dioxide) or unrefined salt and vitamin C, along with other detoxification and a raw vegan diet with no fruit and high green content. Herbs of Light has good information and products for eliminating these pathogens, see:

— Ken Rohla


Ken Rohla

Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and has been teaching classes and retreats since 1993 on rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. With a background in electrical engineering, physics, and computer science, for 23 years he worked a variety of jobs in the medical industry, from the patient level to the national policy level. A cutting-edge researcher, Ken has studied with many pioneers in the natural health movement, including Gabriel Cousens, MD; Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement; David Wolfe; Dr. Robert Morse; Viktoras Kulvinskas; Brenda Cobb; and many others. In 2005, Ken became certified as a natural health educator by Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, and in 2006 was honored to work with Coretta Scott King, wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently Ken’s focus is developing natural solutions for new severe threats to our health, such as nuclear radiation, geoengineering pollutants, genetically modified foods and microorganisms, electromagnetic pollution, nanotechnology, biowarfare agents, depleted food, and other issues. You may see interviews with Ken on Gaiam TV, Red Ice Radio, and elsewhere on his web site,