Farmer Finally Prevails Over Monsanto After His Crops Were Ruined by Their GMO Canola

You may have heard the insane story several years ago about Canadian farmer Percy Schmeizer who was sued by Monsanto after their genetically engineered canola from a neighboring farm contaminated his non-GMO crops. One would think that Schmeizer would have the upper hand and Monsanto would be on the offensive for ruining Schmeizer's 1400 acres of canola, but unbelievably, Monsanto sued Schmeizer for failing to pay a fee for the use of the GMO technology that Schmeizer didn't even want. Initially Monsanto won the lawsuit and Schmeizer was ordered to pay, with very dire implications for all property owners worldwide. In that lawsuit, the judge ruled that if any plants anywhere became contaminated by Monsanto's GMO technology, those plants became property of Monsanto. Insane! Fortunately after years of legal battles and spending over $200,000 (his life savings), Percy Schmeizer finally prevailed in March 2008. He could have capitulated for a couple thousand bucks and a slap on the wrist. He chose instead to stop the corporate madness for us all. We all owe him. Here is his web site where you can donate to help him recover some of his losses.

Below is his story.

-Ken Rohla



In this video, Percy states that there is no non-GMO canola or soy left in Canada.




Ken Rohla

Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and has been teaching classes and retreats since 1993 on rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. With a background in electrical engineering, physics, and computer science, for 23 years he worked a variety of jobs in the medical industry, from the patient level to the national policy level. A cutting-edge researcher, Ken has studied with many pioneers in the natural health movement, including Gabriel Cousens, MD; Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement; David Wolfe; Dr. Robert Morse; Viktoras Kulvinskas; Brenda Cobb; and many others. In 2005, Ken became certified as a natural health educator by Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, and in 2006 was honored to work with Coretta Scott King, wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently Ken’s focus is developing natural solutions for new severe threats to our health, such as nuclear radiation, geoengineering pollutants, genetically modified foods and microorganisms, electromagnetic pollution, nanotechnology, biowarfare agents, depleted food, and other issues. You may see interviews with Ken on Gaiam TV, Red Ice Radio, and elsewhere on his web site,