How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, High ORMUS Food — For Dummies

The organic food in health food stores is pitifully lacking in nutrients (test it yourself with a $30 Brix meter and get ready to be appalled). So you want to grow nutrient dense food but don't have a green thumb? No problem! Here's a great video from International Ag Labs on the results obtained when you use their testing and nutrients to grow nutrient-dense high brix, high ORMUS food. They do soil testing and create affordable custom nutrient mixtures that you can amend your soil with to get nutrient dense food. (I have no financial interest with them.) They use techniques developed by the brilliant soil scientist Carey Reams. IAL's testing is unlike the inaccurate and often ineffective testing from state agricultural extension services and other labs. The way those labs test is by dissolving your soil in strong acid and analyzing what's in it to determine what's there or missing that plants need. You may have hard rock minerals in your soil in quantities that appear sufficient for plants, but in reality they are not bioavailable to the plant roots because the weak acids that plant roots secret can only dissolve softer mineral colloids. So to get accurate testing, the soil must be analyzed with weak acids to accurately reflect what plants can actually extract from the soil. IAL does this type of testing, and can provide nutrient mixtures that accurately correct the soil so you get nutrient dense produce. So even if you know nothing about gardening, you can build very healthy soil fast and affordably. Check out the results.